Mission Statement

The New York Chamber Players is  composed by the best young professionals in New York City. They have graduated from all the best Universities and Conservatories in the U.S.A. Although they are at the highest technical and artistic level, they encounter great difficulties when they try to enter the professional world. They are coming from a kind of deceiving situation: they have a pretty busy schedule while they are attending their courses in the conservatories, and once they  graduate they encounter a complete lack of activity. Usually they try a few auditions for major orchestras where the chance is very slim (usually the ratio is 1 job and 400 to 450 applicants applying for it).

One of the main aspects of the NYCP mission statement is to make them feel that they are not alone in the professional world. The aim of the artistic director is to give a great encouragement for them to succeed. While NYCP is aiming for the highest technical and artistic level, in its mission statement it combines the “music” aspect with the “human” aspect.

The New York Chamber Players offers the community a fresh  way of running a professional chamber orchestra. While mastering and performing traditional composers,the orchestra also gives a strong emphasis to modern music and to contemporary American composers who are the ambassadors of American culture.